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Why Choose Me? 

So why choose me?  I've got a high pass rate, I work my pupils hard, I make it fun and I get results.  You've read what I've got to say about myself, don't just take my word for it, here are comments from some of my pupils.

Natalia Cernovschi - Frimley.  Just wanted to say big THANK YOU for all your time and tutorials which made my driving test FIRST TIME PASSED! 

Here some wholeheartedly feedback for your website.   "I just successfully passed  my driving practical test FIRST TIME with very few minors! Full credit goes to Andy Bailey Driving School. I really appreciate your outstanding tutorial and mentoring skills. It has been hard work for all of us with free jokes through  but we made it happened true from the first time! Thank you ever so much for teaching how to drive safely and have a good insight into thinking ahead and how to become a smart driver. Every lesson approached in a friendly manner with full support and patience! I will highly recommend your  driving school to all my colleagues and friends - 10/10 !!!" 

Many thanks again for all your hard work and patience + free jokes !!!

Kerry Fenton - Ash.  Driving with Andy was really good, he was patient and helped me through everything I struggled with.  He is friendly and I would recommend him to anyone that I know who wants to learn to drive.

Megan Donati - Frimley.  Thanks so much for the lessons and the banter, driving is much less funny now! I passed my test with Andy in  4 months, he was paitent with me when I mixed up my lefts and rights (a lot) and he made my driving lessons fun and helped me relax.  I would definitely recommend to my friends. 

Jordan Richards - Ash.  A Superb driving instructor, he taught me everything I needed to know to pass with no minors.  A great experience thank you. 

Jack Butterfield - Farnham.  Learning to drive with Andy has been a real pleasure. He is a great driving instructor and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to others.  He is friendly, patient, reliable and highly professional.  Keep up the great work Andy!

Robert Williams - Aldershot.  When I started learning with Andy I didn't have a clue about anything to do with driving and was extremely nervous. I had previously had a couple of lessons with a different instructor and felt no benefit at all, having had no real direction or responsibility given to me. In my first lesson I was given responsibility straight away and by the end had driven home from Farnborough to Aldershot.  Andy is a fantastic instructor and the way he split up the method of driving a car into simple steps was very helpful.  Having been a very nervous driver, I would recommend Andy to anyone who is looking to build up confidence and anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Melisa Hardy - Ash.  I would to say thank you and that you were a great teacher, I really enjoyed my lessons with you and I am now enjoying driving a lot!

Corinne Nelson - Farnham.  I've really enjoyed learning to drive with Andy and he was so much better than my previous instructor! Andy is really patient, friendly and has a great sense of humour! He was very encouraging even when you did something wrong so you always felt at ease.  I'd recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Edward Dunn - Farnborough.  Andy is a brilliant instructor who really helped me develop my driving skills.  His experience allows you to quickly learn and drive safely, whilst always maintaining good humour and keeping you at ease.  I would recommend Andy to anybody who wishes to be an accomplished driver.

David Short - Frimley.  A great driving instructor, patient, calm and got me passed first time within two and a half  months!  Can't be bad ey? I would recommend him to anyone if they are planning to pass first time.

Rob Wilkinson - Farnborough.  My time learning with Andy was great, he was very calm and patient but also very constructive and helpful.  I don't think I would have passed as quickly or confidently if I had learnt with anyone else. I would recommend Andy to anyone learning to drive.

Kay Wilson - Farnborough.  Andy is an excellent instructor, I never thought I'd be able to drive but passed my test 1st time after only 2 months of lessons!  He is very patient, calm and puts you at ease.  I'll definitely be recommending him. 

Liam Haywood - Guildford.  I would thoroughly recommend Andy Bailey to teach you to drive.  He's fantastic! Always reliable and helpful. He was very patient with me as I was very nervous at the beginning, but he gave me huge confidence to be able to pass and now I am driving my own car and enjoying every minute of it.  Andy is also good fun and has a very positive approach.  Thank you Andy so much for all you've done.

Arron McPherson - Aldershot.  Andy was my second instructor, what a difference he made, the way he taught me, was clear and easy. I wish I had used him from when I first started my lessons.  I would recommend him, nice guy.  Thank you Andy.

Julia Young - Aldershot.  Andy was a patient instructor and helped my confidence with driving, helping me pass first time only a few months after I couldn't even steer the car! his techniques for manoeuvres were easy to follow along with his phrases to remember 'two can at a toucan!'. I will definitely recommend him in the future and already have done so to a friend.  Thank you Andy.

Hannah Marsh - Farnham.  Driving with Andy was a pleasure, he teaches you all you need to know to get through your driving test and all the practice up to it.  I passed first time.  I would recommend him to all new drivers wanting to learn to drive.

Tracey Kenton - Tongham.  I did not even know how to start a car, however I drove back home on my very first lesson.  Andy made the lessons relaxing, he talks you through everything and never makes you feel as if you have done anything wrong.  As an older and nervous learner driver Andy made me feel very relaxed with his humour. He also helps you with the theory test by having a short quiz each lesson, which really does help you to remember it all.  Thanks Andy, I still can't believe that I passed first time!  I will recommend you to everyone and will make sure that my daughters use you when they are old enough.

Tom Collins - Church Crookham.  Andy always gave helpful and useful advice. He gave me the confidence I needed to pass first time and his light hearted, calm and relaxed attitude meant I enjoyed every lesson and never felt under too much pressure. I would certainly recommend him.

Anthony Enticknap - Aldershot.  As well as being quite tall, Andy is a fantastic driving instructor.  He's knowledgeable, friendly and has a good sense of humour. Even in you think you have no chance of passing (like me), he'll somehow turn you into a safe driver. He also has the patience of a saint.  Thanks Andy, and sorry for giving you a cold!

Bromwyn Brett - Mytchett.  Learning to drive with Andy is like learning to drive with a friend you have known for years.  He's a very patient man and very friendly to talk to.  I would recommend him to anyone. 

Maria Kroczynska - Aldershot.  I would recommend Andy to anyone! He is a very good driving instructor, he's got loads of patience and sense of humour :)  I'm another one of his pupils who passed first time, so well done Andy :) A BIG THANK YOU!  If you are looking for having fun and learn how to drive at the same time, Andy is "the way forward". 

Scott Donaldson - Aldershot.  I would recommend Andy to anyone, he's a great instructor and a reliable friendly guy.  I passed first time with his excellent tuition and guidance, thanks Andy!

Claire Furlonger - Guildford.  Driving with Andy really helped to build my confidence.  I would highly recommend Andy as he is very patient and makes you laugh!

Adam Stonehill - Aldershot.  Andy was a great instructor and a great guy to work with. He made learning to drive fun. I would recommend him to anyone.  Thank you!

Sarah McIntosh - Farnham.  Andy you're a super instructor. Very patient and wonderfully cheerful. You made learning to drive super good fun!

Amanda Benson - Farnborough.  Many thanks for getting both my boys through their driving tests. You did a wonderful job!

Nathan Benson - Farnborough.  Learning to drive with Andy helped me to gain the confidence I needed in the car. His efficient methods of teaching enabled me to reach a good standard of driving in a short space of time.

Candice Smith - Ash.  I enjoyed driving with Andy, he is very patient and he is talkative, which relaxes you when driving.  Thank you for all the jokes, it's been a laugh.

Nimasha Pinghe - Frimley.  If he taught me to drive, Andy can teach anyone to drive! I switched over from another instructor and my confidence as a driver was quite low when I met Andy. His great sense of humour and patient, friendly attitude helped me get over my nerves and we were able to work on the main problem areas which helped me pass my test in one go. Andy has got excellent techniques to tackle the difficult manoeuvres and he makes it very simple. Cheers Andy for being a great teacher and thanks to you, I can now spend the money I'm saving on driving lessons, going shopping in my own car!

Lewis Dunn - Farnborough.  Having Andy as my driving instructor was brilliant, not only did I learn to drive I also had a fun time doing it. I feel I know everything I need to.  Thanks Andy.

Steven Green - Aldershot.  I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in the past couple of years in getting Sara, Nick and Annika through their practical driving tests first time! Whenever we have an opportunity to recommend you, we certainly will. 

Darren & Nicki Pimm - Aldershot.  Thank you Andy for being the best driving instructor ever! We are so happy Harry has passed his test first time, we're sure this is due to your calm and fun approach to teaching, just what he needed.

Nicola Wise  - Tongham.  Andy was great! He was very thorough and always kept me up to date in detail on my progress. We had a good laugh Ol' Andy and Me, which helped with building up my confidence to drive. Gonna miss ya dude, but won't miss giving you my money!  Thanks Andy.

Jack Birch - Aldershot.  I had a previous instructor and I never really enjoyed learning to drive, I decided to change to Andy and suddenly driving was fun. Now I'm on the road and independent, cheers Andy.

Roger Stevens - Aldershot.  Great instructor, I would recommend Andy to everybody. I could not have done it without your help, cheers Andy.

Matthew Hodges - Aldershot.  Cheers Andy, it was brilliant to pass both my theory and practical tests first time thanks to your great teaching skills. I really did enjoy my lessons with you, you made it very easy and fun for me to excel with my driving, thank you.

Hannah Wilcock - Aldershot.  I enjoyed learning with Andy as the lessons were fun and created a happy atmosphere. The structure is good and his training book really helped me pass both the theory and practical.

Matt McIntosh - Aldershot.  Having just passed the practical test on my first attempt, I'd have to conclude that Andy is obviously doing something right. I've found him to be a patient and informative instructor, with a good knowledge of the local area and test requirements. I'd definitely recommend Andy to anyone looking to start taking driving lessons. 

Andrea McCulloch - Aldershot.  Thank you very much, it means the world to me, driving down that road on my own was brill.  Cheers. 

Dominique Swaddling - Aldershot.  Andy was very patient with me, made me feel like a confident driver. Made me feel ready for both theory and practical tests. Andy explains things very well and always happy to re-cap on anything that you are not sure with.  I would definitely suggest Andy if people ask me about driving instructors as I had such a good fun, enjoyable time learning with him.  Thank-you Andy. 

Lorraine Jones - Ash.  Learning to drive with Andy was a fantastic experience. You won't fail to be impressed by his patience, kindness, encouragement and good humour. I was a very nervous driver but Andy helped me to pass first time. Don't delay, book your lessons with Andy today.

Amanda Brand - Frimley.  Andy taught my daughter, son and nephew and they each passed first time. He is an excellent instructor who gives confidence but teaches safe driving for life. I would recommend Andy to anyone learning to drive.

Dan Marsh - Aldershot.  I recommend Andy to anyone trying to obtain a driving licence. His easy going sense of humour puts you totally at ease and makes learning fun. Andy also knows exactly how to prepare you to pass your test. His knowledge and good nature is the perfect combination for anyone serious about wanting to pass their test.

Luke Danaher - Frimley.  I'm driving!!! Andy was the best instructor. He was patient and informative and he got me through my test, first time! His "wise words of wisdom" will stick with me forever.

Emma Brand - Frimley.  Andy is a great instructor, he gave me loads of confidence and I passed first time with only one minor.  I'll give him 10 out of 10 for his jokes but they'll make you groan!

Phil Quinnell - Aldershot.  Learning to drive with Andy was fun and effective. He is an excellent teacher and I would recommend him to anyone.  Once again, cheers Andy for making me pass. Your jokes need a bit of work though Andy ...... how about .... Two cannibals eating a clown, one says to the other, does this taste funny to you?  See you soon for the Pass Plus course.

Nicola Stacey - Ash.  Andy Bailey Driving School was the 3rd school I had lessons with and I learnt more with Andy in 3 months than I did in the previous year.  Andy is professional but friendly and his lessons are well structured. I would certainly recommend him to anybody thinking about learning to drive.

Katie Harrald - Blackwater.  Driving with Andy couldn't be faulted. He is a real laidback, genuinely friendly guy and really boosted my confidence whilst driving. He has a great sense of humour and had me laughing along the way. All in all learning to drive with Andy was a fantastic experience and I would recommend him to anyone.

David Charter - Sandhurst.  Andy was a great instructor in helping me pass my test with his instruction and tips. I had a great time in learning with Andy as he is very easy to get on with and we had a lot of laughs with his bad jokes! I would recommend Andy for anyone that wishes to learn to drive as he is very patient as an instructor.

Kayleigh Short - Frimley.  Learning to drive with Andy was great fun! He is a really good teacher and I would recommend him to anyone, he got me through my test first time. His jokes will make you laugh too!

David Stent - Aldershot.  Andy really helped me with my confidence and helped me stay relaxed while learning.

Sarah Sharpe - Aldershot.  Learning to drive with Andy was an experience I will never forget - for all the right reasons! Andy is a fantastic teacher, very patient and helps to ease the stress of learning to drive with his great personality and sense of humour.

Michael Liu - Godalming.  Driving with Andy is very enjoyable. He never has a go at you, even if you have made some silly mistakes. He is a patient, warmhearted and funny man. I will recommend him to my friends who want to learn driving.

David Gilliam - Farnham.  I find my lessons with Andy to be comfortable and enjoyable and I find that he is always ready to go out of his way to help his pupils and provides wonderful tutelage with value for money, he even puts jokes in for free! He is always calm and collective even when I've made a mistake or two and I would always recommend his driving school to anyone who asks.

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